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Black Hawk Reaction Engines, LLC.

Specializing in Hydrogen Peroxide Rocket Technology.

[Rocket Engine]
5 lb engin
[Rocket Engine]
50 lb thrust engine
[750 lb Thrust]
750 lb thrust engine
Historic Rocketdyne Engine

5 lb thrust engines - under development

Welcome to Black Hawk Reaction Engines.

50 lb thrust H2O2 monopropellent engines - $1500.

Black Hawk is the world's premier manufacturer and marketer of high reliability HTP powered rocket engines. By using our clean, efficient, simple engines, your vehicle can achieve reliability and performance that was unthinkable just a few short years ago.

750 lb thrust prototype H2O2 monopropellent engines - $5000.

By concentrating on the use of storable fuels (propellents that are liquid at room temperature and don't require extreme handling requirements) we can provide you with a power plant solution that beats all competitors. Our superior catalyst can operate to over 1800 degrees F and with 100% concentration peroxide. It's also invulnerable to organic poisons and resists inorganic poisons.

Collectable, historic engine [Rocketdyne Model P4-1] engine - $2000

The use of high concentration Hydrogen Peroxide allows our engines to burn perfectly clean in mono-propellent mode and to be no worse than regular aircraft when mixed with regular Jet-A kerosene in bi-propellent mode. This is because the exhaust from catalysed H2O2 is just high temperature steam (water) and pure oxygen.

These engines are NOT for export and can only be shipped inside the US to US citizens. Sorry.

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